Questions? Ask away.

Where are we located?

Our showroom is in the River North neighborhood of Chicago with easy street parking and a flashing-light zone directly in front. Custom clothing consultations and measurement taking is available by appointment. Request an appointment or call (312) 895-1577.

Nicholas Joseph Custom Tailors,
300 W. Grand Avenue, Store 4,
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 895-1577

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How does it work? What’s your process?

Take a look at How it Works. It's a simple process, simply Request an Appointment, select fabrics and get styling recommendations, get fitted by experts, and take home your custom suits, custom shirts, and other custom clothing.  We’re also one of the only custom tailors in Chicago that have a single tailor from start to finish on each custom shirt, making it truly custom, not made to measure.

How long have we been in business?  Do we have any reviews?

Nicholas Joseph started in 2005 and has both local Chicago and offshore tailors who have honed their craft over a lifetime.  Esquire magazine has taken notice and given Nicholas Joseph the "exclusive recommendation for Bespoke Suits in Chicago".  Chicago Social magazine has named us "Best in Style" for custom shirts and custom suits in Chicago.  We have dozens of 5 star reviews on both Google+ and Yelp.  See our Client Reviews for more.

How much does a custom suit cost?

Our custom suits start at $795 and go up depending on the fabric.

How much does a custom shirt cost?

Our true custom shirts in 100% cotton start at $119 and go up depending on the fabric.

How much does a custom tuxedo cost?

Our custom tuxedos start at $995 and go up depending on the fabric.

Do we make other clothing besides custom suits, custom shirts, and custom tuxedos?

Yes, we also make custom cotton trousers, custom sport coats, custom polos, custom sweaters, and custom short sleeve dress.  We have 100s of fabrics available and can create both dress up and casual looks with each of our custom clothing items.

Do we make home or office calls?

We strongly encourage you to visit our Showroom so you can be inspired by the hundreds of fabrics, styling options, and be measured and fit in a proper fitting area. However, we will come to you, please give us a call at 312-895-1577 to make arrangements.

How long does it take to have custom clothing made?

Generally our custom clothing takes four to six weeks depending on the item ordered, fit complexity, and fabric availability. If you need your clothing expedited, we may be able to arrange a faster turnaround time for an additional fee.

Are there extra alteration costs?

No, alterations or adjustments are included in the custom clothing price, saving you an additional $200-$300 vs. off-rack.*

*Except in rare instances of extreme weight loss and/or gain between order date and first fitting. The best approach is to let us know if you are anticipating a weight loss/gain so that we can work together.

Where is our clothing made?

It’s up to you, our client. We have custom clothing master tailors located in Chicago, Knoxville, TN, and overseas, respectively. Each of these master tailors and their staff bench make our custom clothing from the same luxury fabrics (Zegna, Loro Piana, and many others), and, typically, the best value (and slimmest cuts) will be from the overseas line, however, it is up to each client to decide where they’d like their clothing to be made. Our bench made in Chicago Bespoke Suits are the best construction and fit you can get should you decide to make a larger investment in your custom clothing.

There are just two other clothiers in Chicago that can offer Made in the USA custom clothing, and no one else has fully custom shirts – we simply don’t sell made to measure shirts.

Do you have a referral program or are there any discounts offered?

A referral program? Absolutely! Refer a friend and get a free custom dress shirt when they purchase their first custom suit. See details.

We also offer discounts for groups, wedding parties, sales team, you get the picture. Please call for details, (312) 895-1577.

Do we offer custom women’s clothing?

No.  Unfortunately, our tailors are experts with decades of experience and deep knowledge of the male body and it's movement.  In good spirit we have tried to accommodate but ended up refunding and absorbing the cost since the feedback was "I feel too manly" and similar responses.  We are sorry ladies, we have honestly tried but we focus on custom suits for the male body since our tailors have dedicated their lifelong careers to it and we don't have any tailors with ladies body experience.


Can we tailor your existing (non-Nicholas Joseph) clothing?


Unfortunately, no. We focus our tailor’s efforts on achieving the best fit possible for our clients who purchase Nicholas Joseph clothing and do not have the capacity or facilities to offer non-clients alterations services.  In Chicago, we recommend the Golden Needle.

What is the recommended care for custom clothing?

We recommend laundering with a dry cleaner that will also hand-press the custom shirts. Avoid starch (which breaks down the fibers more quickly), and have shirts laundered, not dry cleaned.

Dry clean your suits no more than a few times per year, and always together. Spot clean when necessary (woolite works well at home). Always hang your suits on a contoured suit hanger to preserve the shoulder’s shape and to release wrinkles.

Do you recommend any dry cleaners?

Yes, the dry cleaners below are highly recommended:

Davis Imperial *most highly recommended
3325 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 267-4560

Soo Custom Cleaners
2201 West Addison Street
Chicago, IL 60618-6092
(773) 975-6606

Barry-Regent Dry Cleaners
3000 N Broadway
Chicago IL 60657
(773) 348-5510