Real Customer Reviews - Nicholas Joseph Custom Tailors

“Just wanted to say thank you for helping me out with my tuxedo. So many rave reviews from friends, but the pictures really show the difference… Actually rented a tux for a wedding I was in this last weekend (we all had to look the same) and the difference was night and day. I felt the best I’ve ever felt wearing it on the best day of my life. Can’t wait to come back and get some more.”

Matt R. Chicago, IL

“I got a great shirt from Nicholas Joseph Custom Tailors…I’m very pleased with the fabric – the feel, fit, and quality, and especially the pattern – good for a dress shirt or it will work well as a sport shirt.” (read full review)

Andy Gilchrist, Editor & Founder,

“A+ for fit & style options. The Nicholas Joseph custom shirt fit great and they even offered contrast color buttonholes and button thread!”

James Bassil, Editor,


from “I am a former Tom James customer that switched to Nicholas Joseph a few years back. I have been a loyal client ever since. Nick and his staff are professional wardrobe consultants with the latest styles and designs. I love the quality and service. I can just call/e-mail and they know my size and specifications. Everything is custom made to fit me (shirts, suits, ties, etc.) and the prices are reasonable. I don’t have time to fly around to department stores and the like. Try this and you’ll be hooked. I’m telling you…the quality is outstanding.”

Sean M. Chicago, IL


from “I had an excellent experience with Nicolas Joseph. After trying off the rack suits for years and spending $150 to have them tailored, I decided to give NJ a try for my first bespoke suit.
I worked with Jodi to come up with some really cool details for my black suit, shirts and ties. I have a very difficult body type to fit, so I was a bit nervous as to how the items would fit. The first iteration of the suit and shirts was just about spot on for what I was looking for. The great part is that part of what you pay for includes a guarantee that the suit will be perfect for you. During my first fitting, we made a few adjustments to the jacket, pants and shirts. I even had a difficult time getting in to pick up the suit before a business trip and Jodi had it hand delivered to my building!
I can’t even begin to cover the amount of compliments I’ve received on my NJ clothing. I’m more than happy and will definitely be returning for more items.”

Jason A. Chicago, IL


from “Let’s get straight to the chase: because of Nicholas Joseph I will never buy another off-the-rack suit. My shoulders are wide and my arms are long, but my torso is short; these odd proportions make it hard to find jackets and shirts that fit right. It’s frustrating to try on jacket after jacket and find them too tight under the arms or too big in the waist. So when I was in the market for a suit for my wedding, I decided to go with something custom-tailored.
What better occasion to splurge for, right? The suit and two shirts I got fit better than anything else in my wardrobe. The best part about it all was that I didn’t have to break the bank to get clothes made just for me. Unless you’re going to go with a cheap suit, you’ll spend just as much at a department store, but without the quality and fit. The staff here are all friendly and professional, a completely classy operation. Thanks to the folks at Nicholas Joseph, proper fitting clothes have become my new addiction.”

Vincent C. Evanston, IL


from “I’ve worked with 3 custom tailors, now, and Nicholas Joseph is the best by far. Starting with their well-merchandised retail experience through to the great consultants, Jaclyn and Jodi to their master tailor on-site, you cannot go wrong. I work with Jaclyn and she has been great since day one. She is now starting to know my style preferences and my quirky requests like unstructured shoulders in my sportcoats and half-lining in my jackets, but that is what custom is all about. If you aren’t going to do it with a twist, why do it at all? I’ve so far had 3 sport coats and 6 shirts made and will be going for more, this week. May try for some sweaters and other details. Custom does not cost as much as you think, especially if you already buy at Nordstrom, Saks or Bloomingdales. Go for it, ask for Jaclyn.”

Paul M. Oak Park, IL


from “I honestly can’t say enough about these suits. I was married on recently on Windy City Live in Chicago and truly felt like a like a star with my wife. I’ve never had a Suit fit me this well, from the moment you put them on your confidence and sex appeal goes through the roof. Ask my wife! The service they provide both during and after your purchase also is just a good as the suits themselves. I highly recommend and will be going back myself! There should be a disclaimer before you put them on as you will cause several hearts to flutter! lol”

Sakou L. Hoffman Estates, IL


from “I’d highly recommend this as an option for any man looking to invest in custom clothing. Nick and Jodi have proved to be a great resource to capture the current trends along with timeless fashion advice. Additionally, I spent the time to shop around and their prices are incredible fair and competitive with regards to comparable quality on the market.
A+ Customer Service.”

Chris F. Chicago, IL


from “As someone who always has to have a little bit of work done here and there with every suit I buy, custom clothing wasn’t a hard sell. I always hesitated, thinking the investment was too high. Wrong. Enter Nicholas Joseph. Nick has absolutely amazing source material to work with, great wool you can wear all year, and his skills at making it fit like a glove are unmatched. Completely customizable and stunning suits. Give Nick a call”

Tony B. Chicago, IL


from “I went here in early 2009 after getting a gift cert for Christmas from my wife. I ended up getting a suit and three shirts. I’m 6’5″ and skinny, so I really can’t buy a suit off the rack that will fit me properly. The suit that I got fits me perfectly and I’ve worn it to several weddings and always get comments about how good it looks. And the shirts probably fit better than the suit. Again I have trouble buying off the rack, and these fit perfectly, very form fitting and exactly how I wanted them. The measurement process was very thorough and quick, and everything fit with minimal adjustments. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. I’m very satisfied and will be going back.”

Kevin R. Chicago, IL


from “The service has been very accommodating to getting exactly what I wanted/visioned. any questions I had were promptly answered over email and phone. look forward to my next purchase”

Joshua H. Chicago, IL


from “I’m funny shaped. Okay, not really that funny shaped but, enough that typical, off the shelf American Style dress shirts don’t fit me real well so nearly a half dozen years ago, while living in Paris, I discovered Thomas Pink dress shirts. Taller collars, longer sleeves and tails and a slimmer cut overall to accommodate my somewhat a-typical shape. I tooled myself up with a dozen or so of these fantastic shirts and was happy as a [tall, thin] clam. That was when the Euro was at parity with the dollar and the pound exchange rate wasn’t as brutal as it has been recently….needless to say, when the time came to replace my aging fleet of shirts, I began exploring my options.

I tried other brands that were somewhat less pricey and was unhappy with the fit and finish then I found Nicolas Joseph one day while out walking my dogs and then was reminded by Thrillist or Daily Candy or one of those to give it a go.

They took the best attributes of my beloved Thomas Pink shirts and, hard to believe, improved upon them! And for slightly less on a per-shirt basis. I now am slowly replacing all my aged dress shirts with Nicolas Joseph shirts and absolutely LOVE THEM.

The price is right, compared to high end dress shirts that are not custom and the materials available are top notch. I’m going to dip my toe further into the custom-clothing pond and treat myself to a sport coat, very soon….and if that goes well, a suit is sure to follow.

Oh. And the staff is very cool, professional and doesn’t make the guy that can’t throw down for ten new shirts at a crack feel like a pauper….which is important to me. I like nice things, I can’t always afford to buy a lot of said nice things but, none-the-less…

Try it, you’ll like it.”

Brad B. Chicago, IL


“Thanks! This shirt that I picked up last weekend is really fantastic. And I’m picky! Thanks for all of your help…and great measuring!”

Lanty O. Chicago, IL


“I was a Rock Star!”

Mike S. Chicago, IL


“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my suit. For the first time I have a suit that fits perfectly. I couldn’t be happier. I also really appreciate you making sure it was ready on time.”

Jim P. Geneva, IL


“Just wanted to send an email and let you know I wore my new suit to a wedding this past weekend and got a ton of compliments. It looked great! Thanks!”

Kevin R. Chicago, IL


“Nicholas- my fiance wore a 3-piece suit you made to our wedding. He looked amazing! I can’t wait to see him wear it again.”

Lea C. Chicago, IL


“Fantastic craftsmanship, thank you! Nick and Nicole are very professional, helpful and willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy a customer. My suits/shirts from Nicholas Joseph are the best fitting clothes I have ever owned. I get compliments everytime I wear them. Keep up the great work.”

Scott O. Chicago, IL


“Just wanted to let you know that I received the shirts yesterday and the pants a couple weeks ago. All of them fit superbly! The measurements we took at the fitting were the magic touch as everything fits me to a T. Thanks very much for the work.”

Charles H. Minneapolis, MN


“I just tried on the tux, everything fits great and I look forward to this Saturday. Thanks for providing a stress-free experience.”

Joe H. Chicago, IL


“Nick, While I grew a little impatient for the turn around of the suits, I wanted to let you know that I very much like both of them. They fit me well and are very nice.”

Dale S. Chicago, IL


“Hey Nick, Just wanted to let you know that the suit looks great. I will definitely send over any business that I can.”

Anthony C. Chicago, IL


“Nicholas, Just wanted to follow up and thank you for meeting with me today. I am very happy with my experience and choices and wanted to also ask what kind of lapel you were thinking as I wanted to go with a simple notch lapel…let me know your thoughts…”

Patrick B. Chicago, IL


“Thanks again for doing an awesome job on all of this. Much appreciate it.”

Bob B. Chicago, IL


“Shirts are great thank you!”

Wyly W. Miami, FL


“Hey Nick I am finally wearing the shirt i received a couple weeks back. I was out of town last week so I didn’t have time to get them pressed, but I just wanted to say thanks. They fit great & look even better. Keep up the good work!”

Joe L. Chicago, IL


“Hello again Nick, I just wanted to pass along how pleased I am with the trousers I purchased from you. I will be ordering more clothing from you shortly. Thanks!”

Nick G. Chicago, IL


“Hey Nick, Have been meaning to drop you a line about the suit and shirts. Great! I really like them and appreciate your hard work. I’ll be back!”

Dominic S. Chicago, IL


“I am a new customer and very happy with my clothes!”

Joe S. Naperville, IL


“Nicholas, I love the suits and shirts. Thank You!”

Mark W. Chicago, IL


“My suit arrived today and it fits well, much better than anything that I could find in a men’s store. I will definitely be making more purchases from you in the future.”

Brent L. East Moline, IL


“My suit arrived today and it fits well, much better than anything that I could find in a men’s store. I will definitely be making more purchases from you in the future.”

Brent L. East Moline, IL


“Recieved my order and it is perfect!!!!….I wanted to know if any other patterned fabrics are available? I am interested in windowpane suit and patterned sportcoats…”

Elton E. Waxhaw, NC


“The pants fit great, much better than anything off the rack, thanks again!”

Dan L. Chicago, IL


“My wife and I are really happy about the suit, we love it. Thank you so much, you guys did a great job.”

Elias M. Chicago, IL


“I’m in Chicago this weekend and I would love to get another suit and a few more shirts, I have gotten so many compliments on my shirts and my suits. The suits just fit like a glove right now, I’m totally loving them, just wanted to check your availability…”

Anthony C. New York, NY


“The shirts look and fit fantastic. Thank you.”

Adam F. Chicago, IL


“I received my first shirt from you today. I want you to know how much I love it. It is absolutely beautiful. It is better than I expected. It fit me perfectly and it was so comfortable to wear. I took it straight from the box, ironed it and wore it to my sister in law’s wedding tonight. I felt like a millionaire in it. I wore it with a brand new suit and I got about 10 compliments on my attire. I want to thank you for doing such a great job and I look forward to ordering at least 6 more this week. I also want to thank you for getting it to me so quickly. That was a nice surprise and I can’t believe I got it the same day as this wedding (so ironic). Anyway I can’t thank you enough and I am so happy I found you guys.”

Mark V. Rochelle Park, NJ