How to Tie a Bow Tie & Happy Holidays

Looking dapper in a bow tie during your holiday celebrations is easy, knowing how to tie a bow tie is an essential gentleman's skill.

  1. Flip up your collar and lay the bow tie around your neck with one end hanging about 2 inches lower than the other
  2. Cross the longer end of the bow tie over the narrow end, and then wrap it from behind through the gap between bowtie and neck
  3. Now fold the shorter end of the bow over
  4. Pull the wider end over the folded part of the bow from step #3
  5. Wrap it all the way around back through the gap between neck and bow tie. Don’t pull tight yet, but create a loop in front of this wrapping. Take the bow tie and pull it through this loop
  6. Tighten the bow and give it a final adjustment to your liking and remember it should not be perfectly symmetrical, just like pocket square fold, the beauty is in the nonchalance of the added detail