What do I wear to a wedding? Decode the Wedding Dress Code

“You are cordially invited…Attire: Beach Formal…” Now what?

Have you received that invite in the mail and scratched your head trying to understand what to wear?

  1. Always be over dressed, never underdressed

  2. Follow the simple advice below for the top 5 dress codes on wedding invitations today and look dapper within each option


Cocktail Attire

Opt for a 2 piece or 3 piece suit in a darker color for evening events or a lighter color daytime weddings. Add some fun accessories to drop a little pop.

TIP: A vest will keep you best dressed even when the jackets come off.



Aka "Black-Tie Optional", gentleman have the option of wearing a tuxedo, but most wear a dark colored suit (charcoal or midnight blue) with a crisp white shirt and conservative tie.

TIP: You may see black suits, but a charcoal suit will cover anything that you think requires a black suit - it's subtle, more refined, and more versatile. Save black for tuxedos only.



Tuxedo required. A custom styled and fitted tuxedo is one of the best investments you can make - it's always ready when you need it. Order it before you need it and enjoy the experience.

TIP: Choose a classic design with peak lapels and it will never go out of style.


Beach Formal

You should wear a suit or sportcoat and trouser, and opt for light colors that won't attract the sun since it will get hot! Have a pocket square handy to wipe your brow. Your best bet is a custom suit out of a breathable linen, cotton or lightweight wool.

TIP: Request your jacket to be half lined on the inside to maximize breathability, it's a game changer.


Smart Casual

The couple is requesting attendees to look neat and presentable without being overly stuffy. Look and feel perfect in a sport coat with a custom fit dress shirt, casual knit tie, and well fitted pant, like the Paige denim we carry.

Tip: Remember to wear a sportcoat to complete the look and ensure you are not under dressed, you can always take it off.

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