3 Groom's Trends for 2018 Wedding Looks

blue brocade gladson jacket.jpg

Newly engaged and planning your wedding for next year?

Our Designers have gathered the Groom's 2018 wedding trends there’s one commonality - go bold!

These bold looks remain classic and elegant but add a touch that will make heads turn. While some of these trends began in 2017, they’re carrying over to 2018 and are bolder than ever.

1. Blue is the New Black

Black and midnight navy are typically what grooms will steer towards when choosing their color scheme, but bright navy is this years “it” color. A bright navy suit or tuxedo is a great option to make your look really pop. The color gives a fun and young vibe while remaining classy, elegant and timeless.

wedding blue tux.jpg
blue jacquard jacket-texture.jpeg
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2. Contrasting Dinner Jacket and Trouser (Color Block)

A bold colored sport coat paired with black, midnight navy or charcoal slacks is the perfect option to switch up the traditional black tuxedo. Opt for an emerald green or burgundy to stand out from the crowd. We love our clients white jacket and it complements his new wife’s dress perfectly.

white color block 3.PNG
white color block.jpg
white color block 2.PNG

3. Texture, Texture, Texture

It’s all in the details for 2018. Velvet, corduroy, jacquard, brocade and even linen are all making a huge impact on the 2018 fashion game. Once reserved for formal wear only, these textured pieces can be worn day to night. 

blue velvet photoshoot.jpg
velvet green jacket.jpg