Groom's Trends for 2019 Wedding Looks


Congratulations on getting engaged, planning your engagement, or just thinking about it!

Our Designers have gathered the best Groom’s wedding trends and there’s one commonality - stand out!

These tips will ensure you look dapper for your Big Day, but don’t be afraid to add a touch to make heads turn! Have questions? Just ask one of our Designers.

1. Classic Elegance is Always in Style

There are not many things as timeless as a peak lapel tuxedo, ivory dinner jacket or a perfectly fitting 3 piece suit. These “trends” are here for the long haul and perfect for your formal occasion.

2. Warm Textured Dinner Jackets in Velvet and Other Soft Fabrics

Velvet, Wool/Linen/Silk blends, Tweed and even Bamboo is popping up on the red carpets and runways all over the world. The key to perfecting this look is in the fit! Opt for a slim fit so this cozy, sometimes thick fabric doesn’t overwhelm your frame.

3. Jewel Tone Suits & Tuxedos

A bold color goes a long way. You’re the groom after all, you should stand out! From berry to emerald, we have you covered with the perfect shade to compliment you and your event.

4. The 2nd Look

The brides used to get all the fun in debuting their “reception dress”. It’s 2019 gents! Time to swap your jacket out for dinner or have a whole 2nd suit ready for the dance floor to truly show off your style.

Whether you opt for texture, jewel tones, or a full outfit change, our Designers will help find the perfect trend to elevate your wedding look and ensure you receive compliments for years to come. Those photos will be undoubtedly shared on everyone’s social media platforms, after all.