Attire for Weddings

A great wedding shirt and tie combinationIt's Wedding Season, Be Prepared! Wedding season is just around the corner and we've got a few hints to make it easier for you to look great without much effort. You'll also avoid looking like everyone else who wore their best "business meeting look" to the wedding.

Learn these tips you'll be you just have to look up some conversation starters when you don't know anyone and your date is busy being a bridesmaid!

YOUR SUIT: For the typical evening wedding everyone will be in a black, grey, or navy blue suit and most of you should too*, just be sure to dress it up with some of these great tips:

1) THE SHIRT: Do not wear your solid white business shirt. Try to match a small patterned shirt with a solid, thick striped, or small pattern tie. If you must wear a solid shirt, try a pink or lavender.  Weddings are a great time to experiment with subtle color. Now you're set.  Next, count the white shirts you see at the reception, or better yet, count the non-white shirts you see (except the tuxes, of course).

2) THE TIE: Yes, you must wear a tie. Simplify choosing tie color by matching to a color in your shirt or suit. Learn the how to tie a tie and start with these four basic tie knots: Four-in-Hand (most popular now), Half Windsor, Full/Double Windsor, Bow Tie, Shell Knot.

3) THE POCKET SQUARE: This is a great opportunity to try out a pocket square if you haven't already. Linen or Cotton pocket squares with a complimentary color to your shirt are nice and subtle. Turn it up a notch with a colorful silk pocket square which doubles as an injury flag on the dancefloor. Learn how to fold a pocket square with these basic pocket square folds: Presidential or Flat, One Corner Up, Two Corners Up, Three Corners Up, and the Infamous Puff "Fold".

At Nicholas Joseph, we are happy to help you match a tie and pocket square to a shirt and suit, just give a call and come by, we always have over two hundred handmade, Italian silk ties for $75 each. If you have 6-8 weeks before your event, it's a great time for a new custom suit.

NEW CLIENTS: Request an Appointment or call (312) 895-1577

EXISTING CLIENTS: Request an Appointment, or Sign in to order online, your last shirt pattern is on file.

*For daytime or warm weather weddings, or for the dashing sartorialist, try a whipcord, seersucker, cotton, or tan suit!