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Renting a Tux should be Illegal

When I look at my calendar through the end of 2010, I see many events with black tie formal or black tie optional dress codes, and usually I have 4-6 of them (not to mention the recent trend of black tie weddings in January). Renting a tux is not an option for me (and shouldn’t be for you) for various reasons. First, if you rent a tux for each event, you will be spending between $100 and $200 a pop – that adds up. Second, rented tuxes remind me of my high school prom … do I really want to wear something that the previous person might have celebrated a bit too hard in? And last – I want something timeless not trendy.

Purchasing a tux is not as expensive as you think. You can get a 2 piece tuxedo with a custom made shirt starting at $1000. Add a bow tie (a real one guys – the clip-ons are just tacky and women love the undone bow tie look at the end of the night) and cummerbund and you can go to any event without any notice. You can also add a vest for a bit more formal look.

Tuxedos in 2010 have been very traditional and classic – think standard 2 button jacket with satin lapels, and pants with a satin stripe on the sides. This look never goes out of style. Add a white tuxedo shirt with French cuffs and either wing or pointed collar and you will be ready for anything. If you prefer to be the most stylish man in the room, opt for a midnight blue tuxedo with black satin lapels. Personally, I also like to mix in a black or grey shirt depending on the event. There’s no reason to stick with traditional all the time. I also prefer a classic black self-tie bow tie with great cufflinks and shirt studs – but you can add in a colored bow tie, fancy vest, or bling cufflinks to stand apart from the crowd.

One more note on the formal look – do not wear your everyday shoes with a tuxedo. Traditional tuxedo shoes are patent leather and do fit the overall look, both in slip-on and lace up style and a variety of “shine” options. Personally, I love to add velvet tuxedo slippers to my look, they’re a bit more fun and fancy for personal flare. My favorites are from Del Toro (

Lucky for you Nicholas Joseph can help you with your wardrobe needs. Contact them to schedule an appointment to see custom tuxedo options for the winter season!

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