Caring for your Suit - An essential skill!

Most men do not take good care of their suits. After a long day of work they throw their suit on the floor or toss their coat on a hook. But the biggest mistake a man can make is dry cleaning his suits too often. The dry cleaner uses harsh chemicals that can damage the natural fibers of the cloth, weakening and thinning them. As a result, the material at high traction areas, like the elbows and crotch, will wear down faster. While dry cleaning is still the most effective way to remove dirt from a garment, it should be understood that a suit is usually not that dirty. Any dirt or dust that your suit could accumulate in a day’s time can easily be brushed off in the evening. Just hang up your jacket and pants and brush them with a soft bristled brush. This brushing can remove the specks of dirt before they go deep into the fabric.

If you brush your suit regularly after wear, it should only need to be dry cleaned twice a year. Also remember to hang your suit up every night and wait a day before wearing it again to let it naturally drape out its wrinkles. On occasion, you may steam your suit on its hanger to remove any last wrinkles with a portable steamer or an iron with a steam setting on low heat. If the crease in your trousers softens over time, this can be steamed back with an iron (on low heat).

Remember, your suit is an investment, so make sure to take care of it so every dollar is worn to the fullest.