featured partner: The Men's Club

themensclub_logo_250wIn this interconnected global world no man is an island - enter The Men's Club.  Established in 2009, The Men's Club is a men's only networking organization that believes strongly in making connections. Members are ambitious like-minded men who are focused on business and believe in helping each other socially, professionally and personally. The Men's Club started as an informal group dinner and quickly outgrew its roots as successful leaders of business in Chicago learned of this unique networking experience to meet smart, ambitious people and to rekindle old acquaintances.

Members are a diverse group both professionally and geographically. There are doctors, professional money managers, authors, IT professionals/leaders, real estate professionals, CEOs, entrepreneurs, lawyers and other occupations represented. Our interests run the gamut from investing, exotic sports cars, collecting art/wine/cigars, sports, charity work, world history to overseas politics.

Their mission is to build a tight knit group of like-minded men across the United States that embrace the common belief that, together, we can achieve our personal goals and dreams rather than trying to achieve them alone. Their members believe they are much stronger and resourceful as a group rather than as individuals. As a result of their mission, they will not only provide value and support among our membership but also help our community through charitable endeavors.

The Men's Club has quarterly events that facilitate valuable networking and relationship building. Additionally, members can contact each other directly via their website.

If you would like more information about TMC or would like to join, check out their website: www.themensclubonline.com.