How to Wear Summer Suits


Just because it’s Summer Doesn’t mean we stop wearing suits!

With the weather getting warmer and more humid, there is a tendency to ditch the suit. Why deal with a suit when you can go more casual?  While many of us might not go with the casual Friday wardrobe of jeans, a tshirt, and sneakers made popular in the early 2000’s, many men ditch the jacket. Pants and a dress shirt replace the suit – and many skip over the tie. Why deal with all the layers and formality when it’s so hot … right?

Wrong. Just because it’s warm out doesn’t mean the suit gets locked up until September. No matter the time of year, wearing a suit is about dressing for success and to impress. What the summer months mean is it’s time for different fabrics.

My favorite way to deal with the summer heat is with linen/wool mix suits. Not as warm as a wool suit and with more structure (and far less wrinkles) than a typical linen suit. You can get these in solids and stripes. They are perfect for the heat of the summer and yet you still look polished and ready for that meeting or client lunch. Match with lightweight shirts and you are ready to look great.

The other popular way to survive the summer heat in suits is with seersucker. While not as popular as on the east coast, seersucker is THE summer suit fabric. Lightweight and very breathable, this is the ideal suit fabric to wear to that fancy event on a summer afternoon on the lakefront. My friends in Boston and New York and in the south live in seersucker in July and August. Men are best with the traditional blue seersucker. For women, there is white and pink seersucker – I personally think the pink seersucker with a pink French cuff shirt is an amazing look for a woman in the summer.

If you are going out in the evening for networking events or cocktails with friends, think about ditching the jacket and just wearing a vest / waistcoat. Cooler in temperature and a cool look, you will still be fashionable and you won’t be that ‘sweaty guy.’ Wear a great tie and a pocket scarf in the vest chest pocket and you will be the best dressed in the room.

There is no excuse to not be the best dressed in the summer.

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