Shoe Color Confusion

Gentlemen, There's been some confusion out there about the color shoe to be worn with your suits. This dilemma is easily resolved. A black shoe is ideal for a black suit...always. However, your black suit should only be worn after 6pm. In most cases, black is not suitable for the office or for daytime - it's far too dressy. For gray, navy or earth-tone suitings, please wear a brown shoe. It is most appropriate and looks fantastic! We also recommend an oxford, wingtip, or cap toe. Your options in shade of brown are nearly limitless and far more interesting than black. The general rule is lace-ups with your suits. A monk strap also makes a nice statement and is correct. We're not sticklers for rules...but we believe, before you break them you should know them.

Incidentally, if you insist on wearing your black suit during the day, may we recommend an ecru shirt, a tie or pocket square with earth-tones and a chocolate brown shoe. It softens the look and makes it more sunshine friendly.

And naturally, make those shoes shine!

PS: One of the best shoe shines in the Loop is at Altman's Shoes - and it's only $2 (allowing for a healthy tip)! Jacob, the shine stand owner's son, does a really great job and takes his time, you can tell his father taught him well - something to admire these days. Altman's is at 120 W Monroe St (at LaSalle) in Chicago.  (here's an Article on Altman's Shoes and Boots in Chicago)