Skills: Winter Weight (Suits & Trousers)

Custom flannel suitNow the the real Chicago winter is here to stay, you should be wearing your winter weight trousers and suits a few times per week. And when we say winter weight we're not talking about those extra few pounds that are the result of your holiday binge.  We're talking about Flannel - which, by definition, doesn't have to be woolen, but usually is.  It's a thicker weave with a soft texture that is lightly napped, resulting in a dense cloth to keep you warm.

Opt for a less soft cloth to hold your pant crease better and to keep from flapping in the wind.  Mid-grey, navy blue, and any herringbone or tweed patterns will keep you looking seasonable and warm. 

Go for flannel in a custom pant or custom flannel suit if your budget allows.  Custom flannel suits start at $795 and custom flannel trousers at $225.  See samples in our new showroom.