You Can Pull off these 4 Sport Coat Looks this Fall

You can easily pull off all 4 of these looks with your sport coat this Fall - at home or on the road.  Let us help you create that perfect sport coat or blazer and fill in the missing pieces.


1. All Tied Up

  1. Custom sport coat that's made just for you, from $675

  2. Crisp white custom shirt, from $119

  3. Italian tie and complementing pocket square, from $110/$65

  4. Custom belt in brown leather, from $225

  5. Custom trouser for everyday, from $250


2. Layered for Cool Fall Days

  1. Custom sportcoat that's made just for you, from $675

  2. Custom V-Neck sweater to add some warmth and texture, from $250

  3. Custom shirt in a novelty pattern, from $119

  4. Italian bold pocket square, from $65

  5. Finish with a fitted custom trouser, from $225

3. Casually Speaking

  1. Custom sport coat that's made just for you, from $675

  2. Patterned custom shirt chosen from dozens of new fabrics, from $119

  3. Denim for your casual Fridays

  4. Custom belt, from $225


4. Super Comfy in a Long Sleeve Polo (or V-Neck Tee)

  1. Custom sport coat that's made just for you, from $675

  2. Custom Long-Sleeve Polo - comfort yet polished, from $185

  3. Custom belt, from $225

  4. Denim to finish this casual but put together look

What is the Difference Between a Custom Suit and a Bespoke Suit?

A custom tailor will often loosely use the term bespoke when referring to a custom garment. Although the two ways to create a garment are siimlar, there are some key differences you should note. It’s best to do your research and know what truly is the difference between custom and bespoke tailoring.

What exactly is a Custom Suit vs. a Bespoke Suit?

The custom suit process begins by having measurements taken of your body and deciding how you want your garments to fit. Each garment is created specifically to these body measurements taken by an expert tailor. The custom suit or custom garment arrives finished and any fit changes needed will be altered by a tailor.

So what is a Bespoke Suit?

Originating on Savile Row in London, Bespoke means “to be spoken for” and brings a whole new meaning to the Power Suit.

A truly made Bespoke suit is the best fitting garment you can get.   Multiple basted fittings are done with an unfinished garment to ensure that the it fits perfectly in every way.  A basted fitting is a fitting with a garment that is loosely stitched together with white basting thread. It is called the basted fitting because, at this point, the suit is temporarily stitched together with white basting thread.

Although measurements had previously been taken, the basted fitting will be the first time you actually get to try on your custom suit, fitting notes can be made, and the basting thread can be easily removed for adjustments prior to finishing the garment's seams for final delivery.

We Offer Both Custom Suits and Bespoke Suits Made in Chicago

Esquire magazine has recommended us exclusively in Chicago for Bespoke Suits in their Big Black Book of Style.  Once your fabric arrives from the mill in Italy, or other origin, the suit never leaves Chicago.  Our Chicago Master Tailor will create an exceptional and unique bespoke suit just for you that is hand cut, fitted, and sewn, right here in Chicago.  We actually have clients that fly in just for our bespoke service.

Besides making the bespoke suit in Chicago, the primary difference is that the fabric is cut by hand according to your body and measurements, and the garment arrives basted, or loosely sewn, together. At the fitting we assess and see if any adjustments need to be made and the tailor does this as he finishes the garment.  Certain body types may require more fittings than others, but it’s truly the best possible fit if you have a difficult body type.

Our custom suit tailors works exclusively for us since we started in 2005. His team of cutters and apprentices make the majority of our custom suits, in addition to all our true custom shirts. When the garment arrives for a fitting, it is fully made, but can be adjusted easily. If we need to make any adjustment to enhance the fit of the garment, our Master Tailor does that here in house and then a paper pattern is kept on file for easy re-order.

How much does a bespoke suit cost?

Our bespoke suits made in Chicago are our premier line and start at $2795.

Top 3 Benefits of Choosing our Bespoke Suits

1. Superior Fit:

Fittings are performed with unfinished basted garments, allowing our team to perfect your fit during the process.

2. Handmade to Your Body and Preferences:

Approximately 50 man hours go into each bespoke suit from our Chicago Master Tailor and his team of cutters, sewers, and buttonhole makers.  The team pays special attention to each of your measurements as well as your personal style appointments.

3. Increased Confidence:

When you look good, you feel good. Bespoke tailoring brings a man to his full potential and allows him to focus on the task at hand, knowing he is presenting his best self to his audience.