Spring & Summer Simplicity

Spring suit colors, summer suit colors, custom summer suit, custom light grey suitThis season, designers are showcasing the elegance of simplicity. Clothing colors are growing lighter and refreshingly carefree. Even the neutrals are trending on the light end of the color spectrum, with the spring shades of blue and gray much lighter than their winter counterparts.

To keep this focus on simplicity from becoming a monotonous outfit of solids, bring a focal-point piece into your outfit. If your suit and shirt are solid-colored, a multi-colored patterned tie can accent your ensemble.

Another key to making the most out of the trend toward solid colors is creating texture in the weave, with blends of wool and linen offering a variety of fabrics that look-and feel-fantastic.

We now have dozens of high-quality, light and breathable fabrics perfect for updating your business wardrobe during the warmer months.  Select from wool-linens, 100% linens, and surprisingly soft and breathable bamboo fabric.

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The Must Have Summer Suit...Wool & Linen. Breathes like linen but drapes like wool.

Custom Summer Suit in Wool and LinenThis three piece wool & linen custom suit is perfect for summer since it breathes like linen but drapes like wool. It has slim peak lapels, contrast color functional buttonholes and a flat front pant with side tabs - no belt required.  $1245 in a three piece suit.  It's a must have for Summer events and weddings (your's or someone else's!).

The Perfect Derby Look...and don't be afraid to roll up your seersucker sleeves after your horse comes in!

Custom Seersucker Suit, Derby SuitThis custom seersucker suit is in classic blue, has functional cuff buttonholes in white, a white paisley lining, and has self-fabric elbow patches turned 90 degrees.  $995 in a two piece custom suit, choose from 10 seersucker pinstripe colors.

Gentleman Customs - Rule #49, Be Charming

Gentleman's Etiquette

Gentlemans Customs is a campaign created to revive the gentlemanly manners and etiquette of days gone by.

RULE #49: Be Charming, you will be surprised at the charm that is returned

A genuine smile, honest compliments, a sense of humor, display of manners, and learning to listen will take you a long way and are all virtues of a charming gentleman.