Wardrobe Tips - The Short List: Organize & Simplify

Take advantage of the long, cold months to organize your wardrobe in 3 simple steps:

  1. Assess - create 3 piles of clothing. a. Toss, for items that no longer fit or are not functional for you b. Tailor, for items that need a little adjusting c. Save, for your go-to pieces
  2. Organize - donate garments to re-purpose & visit your tailor to take care of any fit issues. Hang the remaining shirts & trousers on matching hangers and use cedar storage for sweaters and shoes.
  3. Maintain - only purchase clothing that fits you and your lifestyle. Your Sales Designer can help you determine what the best pieces are to grow or compliment what you already own. Also, consider investing in a steamer for under $100 to remove wrinkles quickly & easily.

Wardrobe essentials for every man in Fall/Winter:

  • 3 suits: navy blue, grey, and flannel
  • 1 classic sport coat with 2-3 pairs of trousers to match
  • 15 shirts - a set for 1 week of travel, backup at home, and at the cleaners
  • 1 overcoat
  • 1 cashmere sweater

Remember, proper fit is essential and will make or break your look! For examples, see our Before and After pictures.