Buy a Great Custom Suit (and know why it's great)

Great Custom Suit
Great Custom Suit

Modern gentlemen know that there are plenty of options out there for custom suits. They should also know what makes a great custom suit.We've put together an illustrated list of the most important elements that great custom suits should have, ours do.

These include the following, not that a custom suit should ALWAYS include whatever features you desire:

  • Fully Custom Fit and Construction
  • The Perfected Shoulder
  • Hand Picked Stitching
  • Built in Pocket Square
  • Hand Finished Inner Details
  • Working Sleeve Buttonholes, Standard
  • Jacket Fit, Your Preference
  • Trouser Hand Detailing
  • Trouser Leg Fit, Style, and Comfort, Your Preference
  • Trouser Heel Guard