One Suit, Three Styles

You work hard, and so should your suits.

Learn to create three different styles with the same suit using different combinations of shirts, ties, and accessories, all while maintaining a stylish, yet professional, image.

Board Room Power

Three piece custom suitStick to the basics: white or blue shirt, traditional tie, and dark shoes.  Avoid a black suit.  For the ultimate corporate image, don a vest and add a pocket square that coordinates with the colors in your tie.  Don't have a three piece suit?  Time to get one, but you can pull this look off with a two piece suit as well. Keep jewelry and other noticeable accessories to a minimum.

The Creative Brainstorming Look

Custom vest, custom shirtAdd style to your ensemble with rich, bold colors in your tie or shirt. Loosen your collar and tie or go sans necktie. Keep the vest and roll your sleeves.  No vest? No problem, keep the tie, just loosen it a bit.  Skip the black shoes and instead choose shoes with deep red or brown tones, such as Bordeaux, walnut, or burgundy.

The Evening Get TogetherCustom Shirt, Custom Suit

Casual doesn't have to mean sloppy-the beauty of custom clothing is that even casual wear fits you perfectly. Soften the corporate look without sacrificing style by exchanging the white or blue shirt with a checked or striped shirt.  Shirts or ties with tight patterns add visual interest to your outfit without overwhelming the eye.  Don't forget a subtle pocket square to top it off and get compliments.