Father's Day Gift Ideas & Summer Essentials: Elevate His Style

Elevate his style this Father’s Day with a unique experience at Nicholas Joseph. Here's our top Father's Day gift ideas in perfect time for summer:

The Custom Polo

Well fitted Custom Polo shirts in a wicking performance or vibrant pique fabrics, he gets to choose the fabric and styling options, including contrasting details. No need to pick between style and comfort, with custom he will always have both.  Custom polos from $165


Custom Short Sleeve Shirt

He will breeze into summer with a Custom Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt. He gets to choose from a very wide variety of fabrics, prints and trims. Keep it classic or add a little flair, whatever you look for in a shirt let us help you design it. Custom short sleeve shirts from $119


Upgrade His Accessories

Bold accessories to match his summer style.  Dad always needs a new belt, right?  Additionally, our clients have also been raving about the new Saxx underwear line, save 15% on 4 or more pairs.

Italian Made Tie $110, Italian Made Pocket Square $65, Italian Made Custom Belts $225, Cufflinks $65, Socks $16 or 4/$55, Saxx Underwear $35 or 4/$119

Italian Made Tie $110, Italian Made Pocket Square $65, Italian Made Custom Belts $225, Cufflinks $65, Socks $16 or 4/$55, Saxx Underwear $35 or 4/$119

Gift Certificates in Any Amount

Gift certificates in any amount so he can customize his gift.  Purchase in-store, online or over the phone for the lucky recipient. Gift Certificates can be emailed or sent via mail. 


Six Essential Suits for Every Suit Wearing Man

There are 6 essential suits that every suit wearing man should have in their rotation to maintain versatility and be best dressed for all situations.  Our gallery features Zegna fabrics, woven from superfine wools in one of the most highly recognized mills in Italy.

  1. A Solid Navy Suit - Sport this to your next interview with a crisp white shirt and solid tie or stand out with a bright patterned open collared shirt for your summer weddings. Who said you can’t be better dressed than the groom?
  2. A Solid Charcoal Suit - The same function as a navy suit. Wear to work, going out on the weekends or even to an event that requires a black suit with a dark enough color. Ready for a twist? Have one of our designers help pick a tone on tone texture for something to set you apart.
  3. The Tuxedo - How many times have you rented a tuxedo? At that point, it is worth it to get one that is custom made to you that you will only wear a few times a year for your formal events! Katie, Jodi, or Rodney can help pick out a classic solid black or make a statement with a midnight texture.
  4. A Navy or Charcoal Plaid - The key here is to go with a pattern that will go from day to night. Make yourself memorable without making a statement. We recommend a subtle pattern that will pair well with a fun shirt!
  5. Navy or Charcoal Conversation Pattern - Have you ever seen a suit that looked solid from afar and then you noticed the attention to detail when up close? Make this garment one that people will talk about.
  6. A Seasonal or Statement Suit - The sky is the limit here! Pick a bright blue bamboo to make a move with a new texture or a grey windowpane. Our new summer patterns and fabrics will accomplish this look for you.

Ready to take your next steps to deepen your wardrobe?

Request an appointment with your designer

Fall & Winter Men's Wardrobe Checklist

Do you have all your Fall & Winter menswear wardrobe essentials?   Here is a basic checklist to ensure you're ready to Live Dapper during the colder months.  Add or subtract items for a custom fit wardrobe for your lifestyle.

  • 1 Overcoat in grey or navy, add a second custom camel overcoat for variety
  • 2 Suits: 1 flannel & 1 bright slate (the new “it” color), try a custom three piece suit in thick chalk stripe and wear the vest with jeans for a warmer, dressed up look
  • 2 Sport Coats: 1 textured solid in a blue, grey, or charcoal & 1 subtle pattern like a glenplaid or herringbone
  • 5 Dress shirts, 10 if needed the full work week:  white, blue, lavender and 2 fun patterns (try a dot, paisley, or chambray this season), try all custom shirts to ensure a consistent fit
  • 3 Trousers: blue, grey, and tan plus 2 flannel pairs in any color
  • 1 Long sleeve polo, perfect for casual Fridays or weekends, and can easily be worn with a sport coat
  • A cardigan, v-neck, or shawl lapel sweater, try the latter for a more updated look
  • 2 belts, one black, one brown; Try a custom belt for fun in suede or a with a contrast stitch
  • 5 patterned socks in subtle colors, too bold is too last year
  • 5 ties in smaller patterns to make matching easy: 1 of each base color- 2 blue, purple, green,  and red, try wool for an updated look
  • Pocket squares: 2 white, 1 blue, and 2 fun prints, be sure they match your suits and sport coats

How much does a Custom Shirt cost?

Custom Shirt display at Nicholas Joseph in Chicago

Custom Shirt display at Nicholas Joseph in Chicago

How Much Does a Custom Shirt Cost?

Like custom suits & other custom clothing, the cost of a custom shirt varies depending upon fabric and craftmanship (labor & materials). When purchasing custom clothing, the adage, "You get what you pay for", certainly applies, but there are a full range of cost options available.

Who is Measuring, Cutting, Sewing, & Fitting?

If you are serious about your shirting, you'll quickly realize that it's about more than just the fabric and craftsmanship, it's also about the measurements, discussion about fit preference, and shirt tailor doing the cutting. After all, you could pay a thousand dollars for several custom shirts, but if the original measurements, the fit allowance, and the shirt tailor cutting the fabric doesn't have the experience, you will likely end up very frustrated - we hear these stories all the time from new clients' previous experiences with online, discount, or single salesperson custom shirt sellers.

Are they True Custom Shirts or factory made to measure?

There is a huge difference.  True custom shirts have specific measurements taken and a paper pattern is made specifically for each client.  Over time, multiple paper patterns are made a single client, for either different fit preferences or body change.  True custom shirts are hand cut by a shirt tailor, the fabric's design or pattern is lined up at the seams, and you'll notice by the small bump in the collar tip that they are folded, not cut, to create a luxurious appearance.  Made to measure is simply an existing size pattern that has small changes applied to it when the shirt is made in the factory.  All of our clients have noticed a huge difference between our True Custom Shirts and any factory made to measure shirts they have had in the past.

Are the Custom Shirts made with 100% cotton or better?

If you pay for a shirt to be custom made for you, it should be two ply 100% cotton at the very least - be sure to ask about fabric quality. Additionally, beware of many discount 'custom shirts' that are actually factory made to measure with poly-cotton blends or single ply cotton - they will look thin and inexpensive.  You can also tell the difference by checking the collars and cuffs for strong seams created by folded collar tips and strong interlining.

How much does a Custom Shirt cost?  Or how much should a Custom Shirt cost?

Our custom shirts start at $119 and go up to $450, depending on fabric selected. We have a dedicated family of shirt tailors that create individual paper patterns, cut the fabric, and sew exclusively for Nicholas Joseph custom shirts, and our clients come from around the world because they notice the difference - and value. Our custom shirts each require 12 hours of shirt tailor bench time, so in our opinion, a custom shirt that is decent should not cost less than $119 - and that's a tremendous value.

How can I learn more about Custom Shirts?

The best way to learn more is to make an appointment with a local custom tailor, or if you're in the Chicago area, Request an Appointment and meet with one of our Designers who will show you all finished shirts, fabrics, and design options.

Special offer for former Astor & Black clients

Free custom shirt for former Chicago Astor & Black clients We are sorry to hear that Astor & Black has closed their doors, we always considered them an important part of the bespoke clothing community.

We would like to offer a free custom shirt* to all former Astor & Black Chicago clients  so that you can experience bespoke clothing from our Master Tailors. See additional details or Request an Appointment.

*restrictions apply, see additional details.

In the meantime, see our segment feature from Crain's: Does your Shirt really fit you?

One Suit, Three Styles

You work hard, and so should your suits.

Learn to create three different styles with the same suit using different combinations of shirts, ties, and accessories, all while maintaining a stylish, yet professional, image.

Board Room Power

Three piece custom suitStick to the basics: white or blue shirt, traditional tie, and dark shoes.  Avoid a black suit.  For the ultimate corporate image, don a vest and add a pocket square that coordinates with the colors in your tie.  Don't have a three piece suit?  Time to get one, but you can pull this look off with a two piece suit as well. Keep jewelry and other noticeable accessories to a minimum.

The Creative Brainstorming Look

Custom vest, custom shirtAdd style to your ensemble with rich, bold colors in your tie or shirt. Loosen your collar and tie or go sans necktie. Keep the vest and roll your sleeves.  No vest? No problem, keep the tie, just loosen it a bit.  Skip the black shoes and instead choose shoes with deep red or brown tones, such as Bordeaux, walnut, or burgundy.

The Evening Get TogetherCustom Shirt, Custom Suit

Casual doesn't have to mean sloppy-the beauty of custom clothing is that even casual wear fits you perfectly. Soften the corporate look without sacrificing style by exchanging the white or blue shirt with a checked or striped shirt.  Shirts or ties with tight patterns add visual interest to your outfit without overwhelming the eye.  Don't forget a subtle pocket square to top it off and get compliments.