What is a custom shirt vs. a made to measure shirt?

These days custom shirts can mean either a made to measure or a custom/bespoke shirt. It's confusing but actually very simple, be sure to ask your clothier which you're getting.

The majority of custom shirts are actually made to measure shirts, a process that takes a pre-made pattern, makes small adjustments, and then uses assembly line production to machine or laser cut the fabric and machine sew each shirt.

At Nicholas Joseph, we make only true bespoke shirts, with a 7 piece paper pattern drawn and cut by hand for each client. The shirt fabric is then chalked with the paper pattern and cut and sewn by hand. At this time, we are aware of only one other company in Chicago that offers true bespoke shirts.

Since our true bespoke shirts start at $119, why not see why some of our clients fly in just for our custom shirts?