Six Essential Suits for Every Suit Wearing Man

There are 6 essential suits that every suit wearing man should have in their rotation to maintain versatility and be best dressed for all situations.  Our gallery features Zegna fabrics, woven from superfine wools in one of the most highly recognized mills in Italy.

  1. A Solid Navy Suit - Sport this to your next interview with a crisp white shirt and solid tie or stand out with a bright patterned open collared shirt for your summer weddings. Who said you can’t be better dressed than the groom?
  2. A Solid Charcoal Suit - The same function as a navy suit. Wear to work, going out on the weekends or even to an event that requires a black suit with a dark enough color. Ready for a twist? Have one of our designers help pick a tone on tone texture for something to set you apart.
  3. The Tuxedo - How many times have you rented a tuxedo? At that point, it is worth it to get one that is custom made to you that you will only wear a few times a year for your formal events! Katie, Jodi, or Rodney can help pick out a classic solid black or make a statement with a midnight texture.
  4. A Navy or Charcoal Plaid - The key here is to go with a pattern that will go from day to night. Make yourself memorable without making a statement. We recommend a subtle pattern that will pair well with a fun shirt!
  5. Navy or Charcoal Conversation Pattern - Have you ever seen a suit that looked solid from afar and then you noticed the attention to detail when up close? Make this garment one that people will talk about.
  6. A Seasonal or Statement Suit - The sky is the limit here! Pick a bright blue bamboo to make a move with a new texture or a grey windowpane. Our new summer patterns and fabrics will accomplish this look for you.

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Party Season is Coming! What to Wear?

Men's holiday looks, custom party suits, custom velvet jacketsParty season is around the corner and we’ve got you covered for every occasion, from the office Happy Hour party to New Year’s Eve. It all starts by knowing what kind of dress is expected. If you’re unsure, it’s perfectly reasonable ask the host by saying you’re excited about the party and want look great. Remember, proper tailoring is key to pulling off any style. Be sure your look is either custom made or tailored in the jacket body, sleeve length, and pant length. To keep up with slimmer styles, you can taper the pant legs a bit as well.

Here are a few of the latest looks for this season (see more in our Gallery):

Blue Velvet Dinner Jacket with Velvet Bow Tie

This look will easily win you the Most Debonair Award for your event, whether it’s black tie, formal, or anything else!  We custom make these dinner jackets in a number of colors.  Red or green are most seasonally appropriate, but blue is favorite by our clients and is always eligible for another appearance during the year.

Shawl Lapel Tuxedo or White Dinner Jacket

Update your black tie look with a shawl lapel dinner jacket, either as a full tuxedo, or as a white dinner jacket with black trousers. This nod to decades past men’s fashion will certainly enter a room with the charm of The Great Gatsby.

The Amazing Three Piece Suit

A three piece suit should be the most versatile item in your wardrobe, and easily leaves you feeling the most dressed up when the dancing starts and the jackets come off. You’ll still be looking dapper with your vest on.

Bold Sport Coat (not pictured)

For less fancy get-togethers, make an in-the-know fashion statement with a bold sport coat. Wear it with a solid black, grey, or navy pant and a solid shirt and either tie or open collar. If the party is more casual, keep the same look but wear a dark pair of jeans. Lighter colored jeans are for warmer months or a tshirt casual look.

Or, Be Festive & Smart with a Bow Tie! (not pictured)

Over the past year Bow Ties have made their way back into the well dressed man’s wardrobe. Try one out for a smart and festive look that will receive attention and compliments! We have many in stock from Chicago tie maker Lee Allison, stop in and we’ll give you an expert recommendation.

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